What you need to know to be a software developer

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What you need to know to be a software developer The day before yesterday I received an email with a simple question: “What do I need to do to start and thrive in my web developer career?” The direct answer is easy: study, train and learn from experiences. In eagerness to be done with my inbox, that’s what I thought of answering. But it’s a good question, and if you start to dissect the idea a little, you realize that while the straight answer isn’t wrong, there are some points that will be more stressed throughout your career, and if you can strengthen those points, it will help not only in your entry and stabilization in the market, but it will also serve as a base when you are already experienced.

Internationalization and Connection

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Internationalization and Connection A few years ago I came across a text by Gabs Ferreira talking about the need for content production in Portuguese, not only in the IT area, but especially in it. (go read the whole thing. It’s a good text) I know I’m not a big content producer, a famous blogger, or a relevant figure in any way in the community, but that post resonated with me. While one of the goals of maintaining a blog in English is to keep the language sharp and actually learn to build ideas directly in another language, how much do I limit the reach of ideas (which are the main objective of this “communication” thing) by making the decision to ONLY write in English?

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Rewrite Your System

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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Rewrite Your System After many years working in your system, building, tinkering, improving, breaking and reassembling, you decide that what is really needed is a full software rewrite. After all, what can go wrong? If you were ever involved in a full rewrite project, you know the answer. Absolutely everything can go wrong. Why you think you want it There’s plenty of reasons for developers to advocate for a full software rewrite, but the most common is the software complexity and cost of maintenance.