Hey, Allan Vital here, owner and guilty of this site. Here I usually talk about software development in general, management, and the human side of tech work. I don’t have a regular post schedule, but I try to keep my content relevant when written.

I’ve worked with a wide range of programming languages, including but not limited to PHP, Ruby, Javascript and Python, but Java is my main skill, specially in enterprise environments. I’ve also dealt directly with SQL databases as a Data Administrator and a Database Administrator, and also deployed some NoSQL to production, like neo4j and mongodb. In the ops area, I’ve been responsible for building delivery pipelines, deploy automation and system monitoration tools.

Almost always in high availability, high load and high complexity environments.

Outside tech, my hobbies include playing the bass, video game, writing, memes and movies.

I graduated in Computer Science from Centro Universitário SENAC in 2010, and have been solving problems since.

Currently, besides my day job, I am working on an MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Management at PUC-RS.

You can find my Linkedin here (which counts as my resume). If you think I can help you with some cool project, don’t hesitate to contact me at allan.vital@gmail.com or @allanvital .