Embrace Change

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Embrace Change In recent past, Orkut was the main social network in my area. Everybody used it, and everybody loved it. I believe it was the first “real” social network that was massively popular here and there were no signs that it would be replaced by Facebook. When launched, the first iPhone revolutionized the industry of smartphones. It was something new and everybody loved it and bought one. Today Android has a bigger market share (talking about number of devices).

Be careful with the right tool for the right job

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Be careful with the right tool for the right job When I started my career I quite never understood the idea of settling down with some language/technology. It always sounded wrong to do it because you have to “use the right tool for the right job” and “if it doesn’t look like a nail, don’t use a hammer”, but today I think that, as always, the reality is a bit more complex. I still think that, as a developer, I am more capable and productive learning more and more languages/platforms/tools/frameworks/etc.