Leader Election Using Spring-Boot

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Leader Election Using Spring-Boot Warning: technical post ahead. You may want to take the children out of the room! Spring-boot took the market by storm in the last years. Spring, as is, with MVC dependency had already bitten a huge chunk of job posts and online questions, but with the Boot simplicity, it practically set the new standart for frameworks in Java language. With it’s auto-configuration features and spring initiatizr , projects setup now takes seconds.

Your software will be rewritten

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Your software will be rewritten So, there’s this thing about your system. It’s born to die. I’m talking more specifically about the Web Systems, because that’s my area of expertise, but it’s valid for several areas of software development. Systems are created to be destructed in the long run. And that’s okay. I’ll explain myself. If you already worked in some big project, or for some years in a company, you already saw what people call Legacy Code.

Be careful with the right tool for the right job

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Be careful with the right tool for the right job When I started my career I quite never understood the idea of settling down with some language/technology. It always sounded wrong to do it because you have to “use the right tool for the right job” and “if it doesn’t look like a nail, don’t use a hammer”, but today I think that, as always, the reality is a bit more complex. I still think that, as a developer, I am more capable and productive learning more and more languages/platforms/tools/frameworks/etc.