These are my projects. Some are out of date, some need more work.

  • Politica Aberta: Web application from the politica aberta project. The idea is an open source project that collect and present data from brazilian deputy chamber.
  • Desenvolvimento de Semáforos Inteligentes Utilizando Sistemas Multi-Agentes My closing project from college. Using multi-agents systems to build smart traffic lights.
  • Skinator Born a long time ago, it is a template file renderer (cof, cof, static page generator, cof). Helped a lot in a job experience
  • Personal Jenkins Yes, I do have a personal jenkins server in my home. This repo is a Dockerfile to create a more meaninful jenkins container experience. With the ability to run in a container AND create images, it is a must for a complete containerized environment, keeping your host "clean".
  • Goal 'n Journal A simple online journal with the plus of a goal time tracker. Created with the main objetive to learn Django/Python and social login interfaces.